Clare Thatcher is a Contemporary British artist based in Bristol with a passion for painting.

Her work is deeply connected with a sense of place, taking influence from the idea of liminal space in landscape.

The locations she chooses and the focus of her attention is highly selective, personal and resonant of individual landscape features and associated thoughts, emotions and reflections. The emphasis is upon the sense of contemplation within place.

Clare’s work aims to reference transition and consequences of perpetual flux within her oil paintings and drawings. Her search for the exact colour and sensation of place remains central to the development of her practice.

Clare has exhibited nationally including London, Nottingham, Bristol and Bath, recently showcasing her work on paper in Hasselt, Belgium.

Clare is resident artist at Ronnies of Thornbury and co-founder of CLaSH Artspace Bristol, where she has a studio. She graduated from Bath Spa University with a Masters Degree in Fine Art and from the University of the West of England with a first class honors degree in Drawing and Applied arts. She has won an award to attend the Helsinki Drawing Laboratory at Aalto University, Helsinki (2013) and is an Artist Network Member at The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (2017).





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